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Celebrating 4 Year in Business

September 2020 was another milestone achievement, as we celebrated our 4th year in business as a member of Central Alberta small businesses.

Every year our business has changed, developed, grown and refined itself, to become what it is today. A relaxed atmosphere, where friends, family and co-workers can gather and have fun.

You may have come to throw axes with us a few years ago, but we have updated, and improved since then, so much so, that you wouldn’t recognize the place. We became a licensed facility in November of 2019 and offer craft beer, premium and domestic beers, coolers, ciders and wine. During COVID we experienced a 3 month mandatory closure, and had a lot of time on our hands. An entrepreneur like Keri, put that time to good use and researched on what we could do to bring the best axe throwing experience to Central Alberta. We always strive to be unique and not look a like business, so we were excited when we found projection targets.

So in August we made the switch to end grain targets (stay tuned to a post all about it) and we now feature 8 digital lanes, with projector based targets that offer interactive games and scoring for ages 10+. We are the first axe throwing business in Canada, to offer this amazing type of axe throwing. We can’t wait to throw with you, because we know you are going to love this axperience!

Interior view
What we look like today! September 2020 Digital lanes, projector based targets that offer interactive games and scoring.